Pay for Madame to look Fabulous

A blog dedicated to findom. Yes. So many yes.

For those who don’t haven’t read my blog much before – let me give you a quick once-over of my life. My Twitter is centred a lot around the girl in me, and loving dressing up and being a cute sissy.

Findom is a huge love on mine. Something I had no interest in before Madame, but now, absolutely adore.

I’ve seen a few tweets over the recent weeks and months more against findom as a fetish – suggesting it isn’t a fetish, or getting a bad name because of “instas” not fully understanding what it can be about.

Findom as a fetish, done right – and Madame nails this perfectly – can be the most exceptional form of submission.

In this blog (does that sound like the start of an essay for uni…? Fuck!), I hope to tell you (yep, dissertation) why I enjoy findom as a finsub.

I give money to Madame, very easily for many reasons and hopefully you’ll soon see why this is such a big fetish for me.

I’ve been a finsub to Madame since day 1 of my submission back in August 2015. There was just something that ignited the fetish in me when speaking to Her.

Anyway. Let’s go into it…

There are a few ways I spoil/give money to Madame (and Sir). The first is, very simply a few standing orders. Yes, banking can be fun! I have a few of these automatically putting money into Madame’s account each month and each I love.

The first, and the one I tweet most about is the sock subscription. Mostly because every month Paypal push a notification to my phone to say the money has been debited and I’ve forgotten that it was due. This subscription has a special place in my heart; to have Madame delivered fresh socks every single month is, so much wow. I have quite the sock fetish which I mention in the previous blog. Needless to say, knowing Her feet are looking perfect in socks I’ve bought is heavenly. And when we meet up, even in vanilla meets, it’s always a nice treat to see which pair She has on.

I pay a monthly standing order to Madame and Sir for their bed. A year ago (I lose track of time!), they broke their bed doing things a Superior couple do, and I was given the opportunity to pay for the new bed. As a finsub and cuck, I couldn’t say no and didn’t want to. Knowing, that my money is paying for somewhere Madame and Sir sleep and get up to Superior couple things… Finsub mode is full on!

I do a monthly transfer to Madame also. This one I love the most, just because of the amount.

On from standing orders and this is where it all started…

Madame and Sir both have access to my Amazon account to spend my money too. It goes without saying that I fully trust both of them with this information. This is used for anything from everyday items to clothes. I just receive an email saying an item has been ordered.

I love this.


It’s my money being spent without being told – It’s a dream scenario.

The biggest thing for me about findom, and the biggest enjoyment I get from it is this; I have a very big fetish for paying for everything Madame wears.

I’ve been buying Madame clothes pretty much since the start. From shopping trips, to use of my Amazon account to bank transfers when She has been shopping. And this has created a real love for seeing Madame in things I have bought. A fetish in itself.

Knowing that I have paid for everything She is wearing. To see Her on date nights with Sir, or when I see Her wearing clothes, shoes, socks, tights – that my money has been spent on. It’s a rush.

How else can I describe it? A few weeks ago, I bought Madame a pair of over the knee boots and red coat. Well, let’s be technically correct about this – She said She had bought them, and I subsequently begged to reimburse Her. Desperately. When I saw Her a week later, She was in both and that is just weakness. I’ve said it before – it’s kryptonite for me. It makes me weak. She wears my money so very well. Very much better spent on Her than me.

She summed it up well in a message a few weeks back:

“You pay for Me to look fabulous”.

This is so very true. I can’t imagine a world where She isn’t wearing something I’ve at least bought. It’s perfect.

And the need to spend on Her can come at any time. It’s both a need and a want. Madame and I, can be chatting as friends and She mentions an order on ASOS or that She’s been shopping in town and I can go from normal chat, to thinking “I need to pay for that”, which quickly becomes begging to reimburse Her so She doesn’t have to use Her own money.

It really is that important to me that I pay for as much as what She wears, as I can.

That is how the month can go, and you’ll see on my Twitter usually when i’ve bought Her as I’m that excited that I tweet that I got to do a bank transfer.

On two occasions I’ve had the privilege – and I truly see it as that – to buy Her Loubs. That makes me very happy. I still remember the first pair – seeing a tweet from Madame saying She had been looking generally and liked a pair. A few WhatsApp messages later, and we were talking about when She was going to get them.

I love paying for Her to look fabulous and having designer shoes is an part of that.

More recently, I’ve discovered a real hair fetish. As the finsub I am, I asked to take over all hair related payments.

Madame’s hair drives me wild. I’ve been lucky enough to brush it on a number of occasions and like a foot massage, it is a highlight for me – because it’s something very servile for Her. And the smell of Her hair – sublime!!

Running a brush through Her hair, seeing Her relaxing and watching a brush run through Her locks – it’s mesmerising.

Taking on everything hair, mean that whatever She needs I pay for; from salon visits, to products, to accessories – ANYTHING – Madame can message me with the amount and it is reimbursed instantly. Without question. It’s my job.

Yes, I keep tight control of my finances, but set aside plenty for Madame to spend.

I can happily say, that spoiling and giving to Madame, is for me, better than any form of release. I don’t need any silly male pleasure. This is my release.

Now, a quick caveat to all of this – I know exactly what I can afford, and Madame would never push me into anything like debt.

Don’t fret: I pay all my house bills and it doesn’t affect my life.

I will say this; Madame gets a lot of my salary. I was going to tell you a percentage, but I’ll keep that to myself.

This makes me happy.

And I’ll say this – I wouldn’t have it any other way. Every penny I’ve spent on Her, is money going to its rightful place.

It really makes me happy. Ecstatic. From that day back in August 2015 through to today and beyond, I still get a rush pressing transfer or seeing that email. The enjoyment doesn’t diminish, it gets better. I love it.

We do cover lots as a finsub, but I am always thinking about how I can do more, or improve. I’ve even had a few ideas writing this.

To go back to the start of this blog and the query I posed myself. I can see why people are critical of findom.

I can understand it.

But done right, and with the right person;

It is the most amazing experience.

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