My First Fetish

Feet. This is gonna be good!

These have always been my first love. My first fetish. I have no idea how it came about, it’s always been a part of me along with appreciating women’s footwear.

I wanted to write a bit of a blog and give you an insight into me and what drives me, and my first fetish is a good place to start (and what you lot voted for!).

Let’s start with tights. This is a newer one on me and I can’t really remember where this came about from. I looked back through my phone to see if there was a defining moment and there first time it came up was a short conversation with Madame where She said She was wearing tights and they were all tight and hugging Her legs. From the look of the messages, I was feeling a little weak at the time – and that was it. It imprinted on my brain and a weakness was added to the collection.

A few days after that message, my findom mind took over, and I begged Madame to let me buy any nylons She ever requires – and She did. She went shopping and a photo came back with all the pretty tights saying how much She’d spent. I quickly reimbursed.

The look of them is astounding. Knowing they hug Her legs and feet. In one session, She pinched the nylon off Her shin and watching it ping back increased my weakness ten-fold.

At Christmas, as part of Her Sub-Christmas present, I bought Her a pair of Walford tights. OMG – those are incredible. I had the pleasure of touching them on Her legs – and they are a class apart. I adore tights (and stockings) – and knowing that I’ve paid for them and they hug Her feet – gives me a warm feeling.

Socks. Well, where do I start on socks? My foot fetish has never really considered socks, and I don’t mean to attribute everything to Madame – but socks really came into their own with Madame. In the early days of me visiting Madame to hand over money and kiss Her shoes, I’d smell Her socks, and they smelt fab but it was more a task inbetween putting different shoes onto Her perfect feet.

But looking back, I should have known my love; going back to my pre-Alice days, this was my Twitter avi for months – and I still love the picture…:

A Sub-Christmas present in 2016, was a sock subscription for the year. Every month new socks get delivered to Her. When I am lucky, I get to see the new socks on Her feet and I go all gooey. That subscription was only supposed to last a year, but me being me… it’s extended to… well… indefinitely. My sock fetish has taken over.

There is something so cute about a pair of socks on Madame’s feet. I have a favourite pair (shhh don’t tell) which are my phone screen wallpaper:

They are so gorgeous. I can tell you this. No one else’s socks affect me quite the same way as Madame’s. I think it’s because they get to hug an area of Madame I adore. To keep Her feet warm. Those days when i’ve seen Her in socks – on my knees taking off Her shoes and She flexes Her toes in them. It. Drives. Me. Insane. They demand to be kissed. But the absolute best thing about Her socks… the smell.

In my life, I have a few favourite smells – the smell of a blown out candle is one. But, the smell of Her socks… If you’re a regular reader you’ll know the effect they have. She deliberately wears them for longer when I visit – but the smell is so hard to describe if you don’t like feet. But i’ll attempt it:

It’s perfection

It’s the smell of a few days Superior Woman’s walking around, decanted into this delicate item. And that moment, when Her boots came off and they are inches from my face… I’m awaiting the nod that I can smell… and it comes and I bury my nose in Her toes. It is beyond a happily place. To taste them. To smell. YES!

Sockgasm. I’m hoping this word makes the dictionary one day. Those socks in the picture above? They were the socks recounted in my Story of 6 blog. I adore them. I will ALWAYS be paying for Madame’s socks. And staring and wanting to sniff them. I can’t put it any other way. Sock fetish – hell yeah.

Wow, I clearly love socks! Shall we move onto shoes?

So, story from my past; back with my ex (some 10+ years ago) we went to Camden to buy shoes. She was looking at boots from what I remember. Watching her try them on caused an embarrassing reaction for a male… I’m sure you can guess what… causing me to have to remain seated for a while. While she was waiting to leave!

Yes. That happened.

As long as I can remember I have loved shoes and heels. There is something just so very sexy about the right pair of shoes. Again, with Madame, I’ve had the pleasure of buying Her countless shoes (including two pairs of Loubs *cough* a third pair may appear at some point this year *cough*) which gives me infinite joy. I’ll talk more about the buying in a future findom blog, but seeing any shoes on Her feet – especially those I’ve bought give me that happy.

I know I am blessed. That I am able to sit on my knees and lick the dirt from the soles – worshipping where She has walked. To lick Her spit off of them. Just YES. So many YES!

The first pair I bought Her were a pair of vintage heels. This was my first foray into findom and buying Her shoes seemed the obvious choice:

I love these shoes (not seen them in a while!). I think they probably define the relationship with Madame quite well. The first thing I bought Her. And She teased me lots when they arrived cementing my obsession. They were the last pair I’d kiss, when handing over Her money.

I think for me, knowing that they get worn so often. That I get to clean dirt off the soles. To worship that intimate area (for me that is: the soles of Her boots): the streets where She has walked.

A way to literally worship the ground She walks on.

Finally, the part that all these beautiful things reside in. Her feet.

As I’ve said before, I have loved feet all of my life – but now there is only one pair for me. I’ve had the absolute pleasure of rubbing Her feet on a few occasions. When She’s been watching films, or more recently gaming. I can, and have, spent hours at a time rubbing them. It is a job that doesn’t get old or boring. Changing between each foot as they rest on my lap. Seeing Her toes flex and move around and getting to massage them. I have started to watch foot massage videos so I can get better at this job.

This is something that makes me happy. Sniffing Her socks and kissing Her boots is things I enjoy. As it’s getting to worship.

But to rub Her feet. This is a real part of heaven for me. It’s like when I can brush Her hair. As it is about Her. Seeing Her getting to relax because of something I am doing. It makes me happy.

4 thoughts on “My First Fetish

  1. Congratulations, another wonderful post which really resonates with me as i too absolutely adore the feet of Superior women. I also fantasise about licking the soles of a Superiors shoes clean but do you have any concerns about the possible health risks?

    Liked by 1 person

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